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Heating and Air Conditioning Services

Our Services

Heater Repair

Older heating systems are susceptible to wear and tear over the years.  Even with yearly maintenance, trust us to do the job right the first time before it gets too cold!

Heater Repair

Fan Motors

When your fan is not working properly, you won’t feel air coming out of your vents.  This is not only inconvenient, but can be costly as it can damage your unit's coils. 

Fan Motor Replacement

A/C Repair

Our technicians are experts when it comes to air.  When your AC isn't functioning at its best, you'll never have to wait too long for repairs. 

A/C Repair

System Installation

When systems get too old and replacement is the better financial decision, let us help you choose the best system for your home.  We are familiar with all brands and can help you choose a system that fits your needs and budget.

System Installation

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are essential to keeping your home functioning at its best.  Because they only use electricity for power and not to generate cool air or heat, air is moved efficiently to keep your home comfortable.

Heat Pump Repair


Adequate and proper airflow to each room is essential to maintain the comfort your heating and cooling systems provide.  When repairs are needed, you'll notice the efficiency of your systems increase (and your utility bills decrease)!

Duct Repair

Contact Coastal Comfort for more information

The sooner you get in touch with Coastal Comfort, the sooner we can solve your central heat and air conditioning woes. In addition to residential and commercial cooling and heating services, our local teams offer other services, including carbon monoxide and smoke detector installation, thermostat installation, and indoor air quality solutions such as air purification services and installation of humidifiers and dehumidifiers.

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